Monday, 13 September 2010


Director: George Keep
i am going to film lisa and louisa from A2 dance and ask them questions so its a documentary, if i can film there class i will, once i have filmed a dance routine i will edit the piece. once i have finished all of the editing of the dance piece i will interview some of the members from there class and ask them questions about dance and how its changed them and what view they have on different types of genres of dance. lisa is going to do an soundtrack of her talking whilst music is playing, with a video of the people dancing, then occasionally switching back to herself. then at the end we will have all the new AS students in a shot walking into the group and all of them huddled up, then it will look like a photo has been taken of the group smiling towards the camera, i want to show any race and sized person can do what they want especially with dance.
my overall idea with this short film is change peoples view on dance and why they should get involved. People talk about young kids not staying fit i want to change the perspective and make England a fitter country.
Target audience : my audience will be towards both sex;'s of the aegs of 15-30
the message i hope my audience will get after my short film that any race and size can do dance, you just have to believe in what you want to do.

Area: My short film will be in the drama studio as it has the correct audio advantages. also the lighting will help the point get across as it can show shadows.

my crew for my film will be louisa cain and lisa cochrane and possibly the rest of their class. i will also want to involve part of the new AS class and see the different shapes and aces involved in both the classes put together.

George Keep.

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  1. The idea looks like it can work but we do need more detail on the story. I want to know more about the individuals in the documentary and what their story is. You need to know already what their views are on dance so you can plan how your documentary will start, go and end. Even a documentary needs to have a planned structure so you end up with an interesting story rather than a series of facts. Redraft for Friday please.